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Following on from the success of his previous release Ifunanya, Mazi Chukz has taken his fans by surprise by releasing his first song of 2015 ‘Hustle’.

Hustle which was produced by Chillz Himself depicts the story that in life, we must exercise patience as we will all have our time to shine and no one can take that from us.

With no lead up promo, Mazi Chukz released Hustle through a link which downloads the song straight to your smartphone. A creative and innovative way to shake up the way that UK Afrobeats heard.

From selfie competitions to innovative marketing techniques, Mazi Chukz is steadily paving his way to becoming one of the best Afrobeats artist in the UK.

To download ‘Hustle’ please revert to attached link: http://t.co/5R935GHwDy


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